Part 23 rewrite avionics

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FAA Part 23 Rewrite Transforms General Aviation to Meet New Demands

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Why you should care about the new Part 23 proposal

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Part 23 Rewrite blog Suddenly, the so-called “Part 23 rewrite” has grown from a simple tweaking of aircraft and equipment certification standards to a full-on international effort to harmonize.

Part 23 Rewrite: What Does It Mean? December 21, Aviation In a landmark announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration last week, the much-anticipated Part 23 reform has been approved, overhauling airworthiness standards for general aviation aircraft.

The Part 23 Rewrite: A Disaster in the Making? technology for light airplanes by shifting from the federal aviation regulations (or their international equivalent) to ASTM standards is a.

The Part 23 rewrite involved much international consultation, and several other countries’ aviation authorities are in the process of revising their certification standards as well.

The suggestions ranged from ensuring the new Part 23 numbering system is well organized and clear to better alignment of the wording with Part 21 to refer to “the aircraft must” instead of the.

All sections of part 23 contain revisions, except the FAA did not make any changes to the following sections:Cockpit Voice Recorders,Flight Data Recorders, andInstructions for Continued Airworthiness.

Part 23 rewrite avionics
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Part 23 reform: FAA releases final rule on small aircraft certification - AOPA