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Austin Bouldering Project

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Classes are offered every Idea at 3:. Save time and paper! Fill out our online waiver before you come to the gym. All climbers and non-climbers must have a waiver on file before entering the climbing area.

Where to go bouldering: Friends, climbing shops and clubs can all offer local intel on good places to boulder, while guidebooks allow you to do more in-depth planning and research. You can also visit the Mountain Project to use its online Route Finder. Fun bouldering and a nice co-working space upstairs with plenty of outlets.

I could spend (and have spent) all day here. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST BOULDERING PANTS BOULDERING VS ROPE CLIMBING. How does bouldering differ from the rest of climbing? Do I really need clothes specific to bouldering?. Bouldering is a condensed – often referred to as “pure” – form of climbing movement.

The Bouldering Project Construction team is hiring workers for its construction crew. The construction crew work is varied (everything from basic labor, carpentry, painting, etc., to fabrication of climbing walls and custom furniture, etc.), with plenty of opportunities to learn valuable new skills in a supportive apprenticeship environment/5().

This bouldering guidebook is the first of its kind for the state, a long-awaited addition that describes over problems in accurate detail with stunning photographs, carefully designed maps and .

Bouldering project
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