A randomized crime hotspots

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The results iden- tified a significant reduction in the level of treatment area violent crime after 12 weeks.

The Empirical Evidence for Hot Spots Policing

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This randomized controlled experiment addressed these shortcomings by determining the effect of police patrols on very small clusters of high-crime addresses in the city of Minneapolis. This “hot spot” oriented approach indicates that police patrols of sufficient duration can have a.

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Summary. This randomized controlled experiment looks at the effects of police-officer patrols in high crime “hot spots” in Minneapolis. Researchers identified criminal hot spots in Minneapolis, and assigned half of them to a treatment group (receiving police patrols) and a control group (no patrols).

Geographic information systems analysis was the basis for a randomized controlled trial of police effectiveness across 60 violent crime hotspots. The results identified a significant reduction in the level of treatment area violent crime after 12 weeks.

A randomized crime hotspots
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